VERO BEACH, FL. -- Veriato, a leader in the user activity monitoring and analysis market, today introduced  Veriato Recon 8.3 for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. The software now includes user behavior analytics (UBA) to help enterprises detect insider threats, targeted attacks and financial fraud. The product does this by looking at patterns of human behavior and then applying algorithms and statistical analysis to detect meaningful anomalies from those patterns - anomalies that indicate potential threats.

An August 2014 report, “Market Guide for User Behavior Analytics,” by Gartner analysts Avivah Litan and Mark Nicolett states, “User behavior analytics (UBA) is transforming security and fraud management practices because it makes it much easier for enterprises to gain visibility into user behavior patterns to find offending actors and intruders."

In a recent 2015 SANS survey of 772 IT security professionals regarding their experiences preventing and detecting insider threats within their organizations, almost three-fourths of organizations (74 percent) are aware that they face a growing and increasingly serious insider threat. Overall, survey results indicate that most organizations have gaping security holes when it comes to protecting themselves against insider threats.

The causes behind these security gaps are numerous, with survey respondents citing lack of budget, lack of training, and lack of internal staff as the three most significant reasons for lack of insider threat defenses.

“The SANS survey effectively confirmed what we’ve been seeing in the industry and hearing when speaking with our customers,” said Phil Zamfino, senior director of product management for Veriato. “That’s why we designed Veriato Recon 8.3 to be priced for any budget, and be highly usable and effective without requiring dedicated staff or a long learning curve.”

“Insider threats wreak havoc on companies across all industries,” said Mike Tierney, COO of Veriato. “Companies are waking up to the fact that they need to do more to protect their assets and reputation against insider attack, and detecting deviations from normal behavior patterns of the users in their environments is a critical step. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent on preventing data leaks every year, we continue to read about leaks and breaches regularly. A new approach is needed - user behavior analysis and alerting.”

About Veriato Recon

Veriato Reconacts as both an early warning system and insurance policy, ensuring organizations have the ability to proactively detect and respond to insider threats while serving as a powerful deterrent against insiders acting in ways that put organizations at risk.

New in Veriato Recon 8.3

The new anomaly detection in Veriato Recon 8.3 clearly identifies when user behavior deviates from a baseline set. Veriato Recon 8.3 can also be tailored to meet customers’ specific needs via the ability to refine the type and number of alerts sent by the system based on the company’s business requirements and personal level of acceptable risk.

Veriato Recon8.3 is laser focused on user behaviors related to data exfiltration potential, allowing organizations to baseline behavior versus a user’s historical behavior and relative to the behavior of the group(s) they belong to. The software detects and alerts on anomalous behavior related to file interactions and movement, printing, cloud storage usage, removable media usage, and email as these are typical paths for insiders to use to take intellectual property.