PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL. --BUSINESS WIRE-- Veriato® today announced Veriato RansomSafe™. RansomSafe detects and stops ransomware attacks on file servers as they occur. Levering a robust database of known variants, and employing deception-based techniques to detect unknown variants, the software automatically locks the offending user account, preventing damage to the file server. As a result, companies save significant time, money and undue stress associated with ransomware attacks.

Ransomware, a type of malicious software that blocks access to a computer system until money is paid, continues to cause mayhem within organizations worldwide. In fact, recent research shows almost one out of every two organizations has suffered at least one ransomware attack over the previous year, most often in the healthcare and financial services industries—and that those organizations impacted spend an average of 33 hours recovering their encrypted data.

“Ransomware continues to hold companies hostage, resulting in either costly payouts or huge losses in valuable employee time as they go through the painful data recovery process,” said David Green, CSO, Veriato. “Installing in minutes, RansomSafe is a simple tool that saves the time and money a company would spend in reclaiming their systems and restoring files. Companies that use this technology gain peace of mind knowing they will now be notified of an attack.”

RansomSafe combines just-in-time data protection with multiple mechanisms—including backup and rapid recovery—to provide a vital layer of defense against attacks. With RansomSafe, organizations can not only detect a ransomware attack and lock the affected user out, but they also have access to current, automatic backups that allow the recovery of data with just a few clicks. Most organizations have a pervasive lack of quality current backups, particularly SMBs. Statistics show that only 23 percent of companies can successfully restore their data. With RansomSafe, the attack is disrupted, preventing the need for any ransom payout—or extensive and expensive system downtime.

Specifically, RansomSafe offers:

  • Protection: With a robust database of known variants combined with deception-based techniques to detect unknown variants, RansomSafe is able to detect an attack before it succeeds in encrypting the organization's critical files. It also blocks the user account attempting to encrypt files and make changes to the file server, shutting down the attack to prevent further encryption attempts and to minimize the restoration effort required.
  • Backup: RansomSafe backs up a company’s files immediately before they are changed, making copies of the latest version of the files and storing them safely away, out of reach of the attack.
  • Rapid Recovery: Once the attack is disrupted, the most current versions of any affected files can be recovered in minutes with just a few clicks.

“The cost of RansomSafe is far below the cost of a single ransom payment,” Green added.