PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL. -- User behavior analytics and activity monitoring company Veriato an innovator in actionable user behavior analytics and a global leader in user activity monitoring, today launched the latest versions of Veriato Recon and Veriato 360 to help organizations more easily analyze, detect, prioritize and respond to insider threats. Veriato Recon—the user behavior analytics solution—now detects the problematic use of compromised credentials, and Veriato 360—user activity monitoring software—offers enhanced mobile capabilities. These features expand an organization’s understanding of what is happening within their perimeter—whether employees are working in the office or remotely—so they can protect confidential data and intellectual property, and improve employee productivity.

Many of the most recent high-profile breaches involved insiders, and Veriato products are designed to proactively monitor and detect these potential insider threats. Veriato Recon analyzes insider behavior, detects any anomalies in that behavior, and then prioritizes the anomalies and presents clear and concise information so the security team can determine the appropriate response. Working with Recon, or separately, Veriato 360 creates a definitive record of the online and communications activity of employees and contractors, and presents detailed, accurate and actionable data so the organization can respond immediately to any potential threats.

“Being able to analyze, detect, prioritize and respond to any true concerns within minutes is critical to proactively preventing insider threats instead of reacting to the costly—and often very public—breaches of company information and systems,” said David Green, CSO, Veriato. “The new features enable our customers to better detect what is going on within their organizations no matter where their employees are so they can take the necessary steps to keep their confidential data protected at all times.”

New Veriato Recon monitors when and how login credentials are being used. For example, it detects when a user logs in from multiple locations outside of their normal pattern. The software also detects different patterns of logins, including frequent failed attempts to log in.

“The use of stolen employee credentials continues to be a huge problem worldwide, with high profile cases headlining the news far too often,” Green said. “The new version of Veriato Recon detects the compromised credential and alerts the security team so they can quickly analyze the situation and respond appropriately before confidential data is stolen.”

Veriato Recon and Veriato 360 are the most scalable software programs available to detect insider threats. Both solutions have been tested up to 200,000 endpoints on a single instance, lowering the total cost of ownership for the solution. The new mobile enhancements to Veriato 360 include the direct monitoring of Android devices and the collection of data sent from any mobile device regardless of its operating system, as well as from the corporate Exchange server.