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  • Nov 20, 2017

    Dangerous data breach at Heathrow: How insiders can threaten public safety

    A USB stick was found in the streets of London containing over 70 unencrypted security files from Heathrow International Airport - so what security precautions could and should have prevented this danger to the public?

  • Nov 18, 2017

    AI could help your boss track your performance, for better or for worse

    For better or worse, your boss is responsible for ensuring that your time at work is spent productively. In this area, AI can perform remarkably well. Tech company Veriato specializes in employee management software that monitors all computer use, Big Brother-style. Its AI logs all activity on company computers and can analyze this data to determine who’s spending extra time on work and who’s goofing off. It can even measure morale through a close reading of emails and messages.

    Some might consider productivity-enhancing technologies like these to be a violation of privacy, but on company time, everything you do that isn’t work-related costs the company money. It’s logical that employers would utilize AI solutions to ensure all employees spend their time actually working.

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