Veriato Insider Risk Management
& Employee Monitoring Solutions

Reduce the Risk. Detect the Breach. Accelerate your Response.

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Veriato Vision
Employee Productivity Monitoring

  • Understand how & when your remote team works
  • See graphical representations of productive & idle time
  • Enable flexible work-from-home time tracking
  • Cloud-hosted, easily deploy to remote devices

Veriato Cerebral
Insider Threat Detection

  • Detect and prevent insider-led security incidents
  • Get alerted to risky user behavior
  • Reduce out-of-policy data interactions
  • Prevent data exfiltration from the endpoint
  • Scalable architecture for up to 300k endpoints

Veriato Investigator
Employee Investigations

  • Speed up incident response & forensic investigations
  • Get context into questionable user activity
  • Record screen captures & video playback of evidence
  • Silent deployment in minutes, not days
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Veriato Customer
Veriato Customer
Veriato Customer
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