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Can you afford not to know how much lost productivity is costing your organization?

Telecommuting, work-life balance, and omni-present distractions like social media require a data driven approach to maintaining peak employee productivity. You need a way of understanding what is normal and what is excessive when it comes to non-work related activity.

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Productivity Losses

The average employee wastes 2.75 hours a week on personal internet use, resulting in the equivalent of 6.8% of employees salaries annually1
Veriato Solutions - Employee Productivity

Are You Paying For This?

70% of all web traffic (40 million viewers) to the world’s most trafficked free porn site occurs between 9AM and 5PM2
1Veriato "The Non-Private Lives of American Employees" Survey, 2012      2HRM Employee Internet Management: Now an HR Issue

Assessing Employee Productivity

Getting a clear picture of how work gets done yields countless benefits. Relying solely on the opinions of supervisors, without data to support their conclusions, introduces the potential for bias to creep in and for things to slip through the cracks.

Having a system of record that clearly and dispassionately presents employee activity can, and does, improve the bottom line and help sharpen decision-making.

Identify Outliers

Everyone takes breaks, and it’s almost impossible to ignore life outside the office during work hours. Identifying what the normal amount of non-work related employee activity is, and being able to address excessive non-work activity, allows for optimal performance and protects against complaints of being singled out.
Employee Productivity Software - Identify Outliers
Increase Productivity

Improve Efficiency

Just as athletes and their trainers have embraced sophisticated video analysis that enables highlighting of even the smallest flaw, the way we review and train knowledge workers must evolve. If “tweaking” processes used by your employees returns even 1% greater effectiveness per person; what is the overall impact to your bottom line?

Replicate Success

Turn top performers into case studies to inform & improve training programs and serve as models for others on your team. With a baseline of how “go to” contributors tackle their workload, you can compare and contrast with others—quickly highlighting areas for improvement and helping turn everyone into a “go to.”
Productivity Monitoring Software - Replicate Success
Employee Productivity - Plan Effectively

Plan Effectively

Creating and staffing plans that ensure the organization has the right number of people in the right positions is at least an annual occurrence in most organizations. Having detailed data on workloads and workflows enables more effective planning, and makes requests for additional resources easier to defend.

During reviews, thanks to Veriato 360 recordings, we can have managers critique employee work habits. Veriato 360 provides us with a great measure of work skills and habits.
Jane Terry - CEO, Ajax Boiler

The Solution


We collect detailed user activity and behavior data from across the communications and online fabric of your organization.


Our unique Total Time – Focus Time – Active Time approach provides true intelligence into employee activity


With dozens of out-of-the-box reports, an easy-to-use dashboard, and powerful and intuitive video style playback, getting answers is fast and easy.

Improve productivity by implementing an employee-monitoring program designed to provide accurate, timely, and reliable reporting that helps address problems before they negatively impact the bottom line.