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Formerly Known as SpectorSoft Server & Application Monitor

Server Monitoring, Application Monitoring

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The failure of a server or critical application can shutdown your business. Be informed before there’s a crisis. For free.

Your business relies on applications and the servers they run on. Email, website, or accounting software - if the server or application is down, you're not generating revenue. Veriato's Free  Server & Application Monitor from Veriato will help reduce or eliminate web, email, application, database, and general file server interruptions, providing more reliable access to critical services.

Server & Application Monitor offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your critical business applications are constantly under observation. Keep an eye on critical resource information such as:

  • Issues with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP mail applications and servers.
  • Issues with HTTP/S, DNS, SSL Certificates, or Domain expiration before users are negatively impacted.
  • Keep tabs on your FTP servers, as well as NNTP news servers and NTP time servers
  • Receive alerts and notifications when problems arise with database availability, whether MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or ODBC data sources
  • Track server health information, including CPU load and memory utilization

Alerts and notifications from Veriato's FREE Server & Application Monitor provide the critical information you need regarding server health.

With FREE Server & Application Monitor from Veriato, you can Monitor servers and the network applications they run, store monitored results to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or to file, automatically clear failures enabling nag alerts to fire, and automatically stop monitors during maintenance windows

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