Built to detect the unknowns within your perimeter. 


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Our solution conducts constant reconnaissance within the online and communications fabric of your company. It focuses on the actions and behavioral patterns of people at the point of intersection with organization resources and watches for meaningful deviations from the norm that suggest threat. Because an attacker, no matter how sophisticated, will cause a deviation from normal patterns.

Many User Behavior Analytics solutions stop there, but Veriato also delivers investigation efficiency by creating a detailed, context-rich and easily understood record of actual user activity. From one console, the Veriato solution reduces the time and staff required to investigate alerts.

Market Leadership



Analyze a wide range of activity as it occurs



Cuts through noise by isolating meaningful signals



Identifies & alerts on anomalies in data access & movements



Reduces time & staff needed to investigate

Common Use Cases

Data Leaks / IP Theft 

Veriato employs behavior analysis to identify access to, and movement of, data outside of normal work patterns. Comprehensive insider activity monitoring detects dangerous actions and provides unmatched visibility into exactly what is happening - visibility needed for effective reaction and response. Veriato creates a system of record of employee activity that perfectly aligns to this need, providing a single pane of glass capability to accurately assess and react to the risk to data security posed by departing employees.

Incident Response

CSIRT teams worldwide use Veriato to gain swift understanding of the size, scope, and severity of insider driven incidents, and to share that understanding quickly and effectively with the extended team to get results. Veriato solutions are used everyday to create definitive records of events that have been tested and proven reliable over and again.

Trust But Verify

Trust is a foundational element of an organization’s relationship with its people, but trust without verification places the organization at risk. Veriato’s ability to provide insight into both the behavioral patterns, and online activity, of privileged users sits at the core of a robust data protection strategy.

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