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  • One million six hundred ninety-one thousand reasons to look inside

    by Mike Tierney | Sep 28, 2015
    We recently sponsored our second significant research effort aimed at helping understand the scope and nature of insider threats. Much like the first, this effort includes some key takeaways:
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  • The data says it's the data

    by Mike Tierney | Sep 28, 2015
    In our last post we discussed four key takeaways from a recent research effort into the scope and nature of the insider threat. In this post, we'll continue to explore the data ... and the data says it's the data you are most concerned about.
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  • Can you keep a secret?

    by Mike Tierney | Sep 02, 2015
    Do you know what secrets your company has? Where they are stored? If they are protected? I’m not referring to the affair going on between the sales rep and the graphic designer. We’re talking about Trade Secrets here.
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  • Read this. Pick yourself up off the floor. Then Trust, but Verify.

    by Mike Tierney | Aug 04, 2015
    Working for a company that makes behavioral analytics software for insider threat detection and user activity monitoring software for response and investigation, I naturally read a lot about specific insider attack instances and about risk and threats in general. Rarely does anything surprise me anymore.
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  • Dealing With Insider Risk Starts Before They're An Insider

    by Mike Tierney | Jul 29, 2015
    Quick question: does your company have a 'one size fits all' approach to screening perspective hires?
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  • The disgruntled employee insider threat

    by Mike Tierney | Jul 17, 2015
    Computerworld UK has a great article out on the insider data breach at Morrisons supermarkets in the United Kingdom.
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  • Are we counting on a Maginot Line?

    by Mike Tierney | Jun 15, 2015
    A whole lot of time and money gets spent preventing acts or behaviors from happening. Think about the data loss prevention (DLP) space; I've seen respected analyst firms show the amount of money spent on DLP growing from in the $300'$400 million range in 2010 to upwards of $900 million in 2014.
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  • Attack the problem before the problem attacks you

    by Mike Tierney | Jun 14, 2015
    In our most recent post we identified that only a small number (21%) of organizations are continuously monitoring the behavior of their users. Further, we say that the most common method for gaining visibility into user behavior with core applications is the review of server logs.
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  • Could You Have Seen It Coming?

    by Mike Tierney | Jun 12, 2015
    Congratulations Jo! You've been promoted to Supervisor! Of all the candidates, both internal and external, you stood out as most qualified and most ready for the job.
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  • Veriato impacts UK police force

    by Mike Tierney | May 08, 2015
    Veriato, the leader in the user activity monitoring and analysis market, today reported that their inaugural Police User Group was a resounding success seeing Police staff attend from all over the UK. The event hosted in London demonstrated Veriato's ongoing commitment in providing an essential active monitoring solution used by Professional Standards and Anti-Corruption units across 75% of UK Police forces.
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